Kate's Book Go Green Get Lean Makes O Magazine

Kate's Book in The Oprah Magazine It's been an exciting month! My book launched on March 17th, and my goal is to spark a national dialogue on the state of our plates, and how it is directly connected to the state of our planet.

Thanks to the folks at O, Body& Soul, Delicious Living and Time Magazines, the message is getting out there - my book, Go Green, Get Lean, is featured in this month's O magazine. And how fantastic to see that our First Lady Michelle Obama is as passionate about feeding good food to all Americans as I am! Check out her interview in this month's O magazine where she talks about the power of fresh local fruits and veggies - they're even planting a garden on the white house grounds. She's a fantastic example of living the message and looking your best. You can be, too.

What is the state of your plate? Drop me a line and let me know.