Plant a Garden for a Planet Approved Diet


GardenWhile my snow-covered backyard in Utah is no indication, much of the country is gearing up for spring. My question to you is: what will you grow this year?  If you want to move to more eco-friendly eating, pick at least one thing and go for it! Whether a tiny window box, a pot of herbs and lettuce on a city terrace, or a full blown garden in your backyard, the greenest food of all is that which you grow yourself.

Aside from your "crop" being some of the tastiest and nutrient-packed foods you'll likely eat this year, there’s a slew of other benefits: the added calories you burn in gardening, the strong roots of healthy eating you’re helping to nourish in your kids, and all of the resources (and carbon emissions) saved by growing actual food rather than grass, shrubs or flowers. This is not to mention money saved in your food budget, and the money saved on your shrink (exercise fights stress and boosts mood).

So take action. Start small, or go big. Visit www. for a jumpstart no matter where you live. You’ll be sowing good seeds in every sense.

As for me, as soon as the snow melts I will be planting a bunch of yummy lettuces in my pots this year rather than flowers. What will you be planting? Check out these great gardening websites to get you started!