Going Green is Great for Swimsuit Season Too

Swimsuit SeasonGoing green isn't just good for the planet - it's good for swimsuit season too.

Even if you can't buy a hybrid this Earth Day, you can certainly start eating like one. Because what you eat is as important as what you drive when it comes to your impact on the planet.

With Earth Day next week, and summer a scant 8 weeks after that, it's the perfect time to get serious about what's on your plate-and you can start to whittle your waste and your waist with a few tasty changes.

Here are my top four  Lean and Green Superfoods to get you on the fast track to Lean AND Green this summer..to look your best while you do your best by the planet and your bod. The best part? They're super delish and save you money to boot. What's not to love?


Lean and Green Superfoods for Swimsuit Season

Fire up the Grill-with Barramundi instead of salmon or steak

Toss barramundi (US farm raised) instead of steak on the grill this spring to literally slash calories and environmental impact in half (and it’s better than salmon too-from a slimming and eco-friendly standpoint).

Lean Savings:  grilled barramundi has 147 calories vs. 294 for the steak (100 grams, or a bit over 3 oz.).

Green Savings: Barramundi is 3x as energy efficient to produce as salmon, and 13X as efficient as that steak.


Nibble with a Clean Conscience. Snack on edamame instead of cheese and crackers. This super simple swap lets you eat three times the volume, ensure you stay full longer, and tread more lightly on the earth in the same bite.

Lean Savings: ¾ cup edamame in pods with shower of sea salt: 135 calories , 12 grams protein, 6 grams fiber (Protein and fiber are critical to feel full) vs. only ¼ cup cheddar cubes: 133 calories, 8 grams protein, 0 grams fiber.

Green Savings: makes for a more eco-friendly nibble because dairy and soy represent opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to global impact-soy is one of the most eco-friendly foods, and dairy is one of the most warming to the planet. SOY has 1/16th the planetary impact of Cheese. So you are going lean and green in one bite!


 Chef up a grass fed bison burger instead of beef burger.

As we all shift into BBQ mode, tap into the slimming power of grass fed game. A simple but powerful swap that will help you thin your waistline for summer AND thin your global impact at the same time.

Lean Savings: A 3 oz. grass fed bison burger packs 150 calories and 7 grams of fat, while a 3 oz. typical hamburger packs 236 calories (50% MORE), almost 15 grams of fat (more than TWICE as much)

Green Savings: A beef heavy diet is the SUV of eating styles. While we all know you can buy a hybrid to cut your impact-you can also start eating like one. A 2005 study found that a beef heavy diet is responsible for emitting more greenhouse gases than they car you drive!


Amount of carbon released in a day by a typical American car: 3 kilograms

Amount of carbon released by clearing enough rainforest to produce beef for one burger:  75 kilograms


Make Mushrooms a Mainstay.

Lean Benefits: mushrooms are one of nature’s superfoods. Eat more, lose weight-1 cup of grilled portabello mushrooms is only 35 calories! A cup of white button mushrooms is just 18 calories. A great way to add volume and nutrition while also slimming down. Some added pluses: fat free, meaty in texture with a woodsy flavor, and rich in selenium, vitamin D (one of the few natural sources) and antioxidants.

Green Benefits: Mushrooms are nature’s great recyclers-literally helping to regenerate soil and transform our waste products into clean resources again. With all the talk of eating seasonally and locally-mushrooms have a 365 day growing season (unlike so much of our produce), and are super light to transport-which means less fossil fuel.


So let me ask you: Are you hungry for change? If so, email me and let me know what kinds of changes you're making.