Seize the Moment! Summer is the Time to Start Eating Better

SummerJust back from a whirlwind Trip to San Francisco last week, where the folks at Intel and Yahoo headquarters generously hosted me for a day each for book signings, and showcased some of my recipes from my book in their cafeterias! The Bison Burgers were a big hit, the orzo pasta with asparagus, edamame and lemon fresh and zingy, and the gazpacho tasted literally like summer in a bowl. Thanks to the two star chefs, Mitchell at Intel, and Bob at Yahoo, for making it all happen in such a delicious way-you guys are the best. And a big thanks to the Yahoo "green team" for helping spread the word - many Yahoo green folks showed up and bought a book! My trip was tasty from start to finish-it also included nibbling delicious asparagus at the landmark Greens Restaurant in San Francisco, which showcases seasonal, eco-friendly eating at its best. In addition to that asparagus, a show stopping salad featuring cherries, toasted almonds and local blue cheese on top of tender lettuces was also to-die-for delicious. Trust me, eating here is enough to make you tempted to give up meat forever-it highlights the best of what seasonal and local eating can be.

While all of this eating (full disclosure here) made me a bit envious of how easy lean and green eating is in California (ok, maybe more than a bit)-no matter where you live, THIS IS THE SEASON to jump in! Summer is the best time to find lean and green cuisine close to home. Log onto to locate a CSA near you and connect with a local farmer.  Add a new stop into your summer-a trip to your farmer's market, so your kids can learn where food comes, discover new tastes and textures,   and meet the people who grow food for them and their community. You'll save money, time (with really delicious food, you don't have to do much at all to make it taste wonderful) and be packing your diet with healthy foods that will whittle your waistline AND your carbon footprint.

And to jumpstart your efforts-I've shared some of my favorite summer recipes to make lean and green routine a cinch. Click on my "Book" page to find my summer recipes and jump in.

Here at home in Utah, I am happy to report that the farmer's market has finally kicked into high gear (we are at 6,500 feet, after all). For a few brief months those California folks will have nothing on me when it comes to finding amazing food close to home.