7 Green Apps for Your Mobile Phone

It's that time of the year again: life has picked up the pace, and as our lives get more hectic, our New Year's resolutions begin to fall by the wayside. But don't let your crazy schedule stop you from achieving your goal of Going Green in 2010. Here are ten great mobile apps to keep busy people going green all year long.

Used for: Local and Green Food Shopping

Cost: $2.99 Touch

Mobile Platform: iPhone and iPod Touch

This app helps you to locate local, seasonal foods. It determines your location with GPS, and then gives you local food information, split into four categories:

  1. In Season
  2. Markets
  3. Food
  4. States

Bonus? When you click on a specific food item, it brings up the Wikipedia information and Epicurious recipes for that food, making it easy for locavores to experiment with new foods.


Used for: Green Shopping

Cost: Free

Mobile Platform: iPhone, Android, and iPod Touch

Find the best green businesses near you, based on service. This GPS-enabled service determines your exact location, and gives you turn by turn directions to everything from yoga studios to bicycle shops to organic restaurants near you. The database offers over 60,000 green listings, in hundreds of cities across North America. Bonus? It also provides sustainable living tips to show you how much you'll be saving – energy, emissions, water, waste, money – by going green.

Used for: Pesticide-Free Shopping

Cost: Free

Mobile Platform: iPhone and iPod Touch

Dirty Produce gives you a guide to the fruits and vegetables with the most and least pesticide residues. When your budget is tight or organic is not available, you can use the "Clean 15" and "Dirty Dozen" lists to determine which conventionally-grown produce items have the highest and lowest amounts of pesticides.

Used for: Green makeup and household products, geared towards women

Cost: $0.99

Mobile Platform: iPhone and iPod touch

A quick eco-guide for the woman on the go, the Gorgeously Green Survival Guide is for women who want to green up their beauty regimen, home, diet, fitness routine, shopping, and more. It provides convenient lists for on the go ec0-shoppers, and provides tips on everything from light bulbs to lipsticks. This app has appeared on Oprah, Good Morning America, and The View for its fabulously feminine approach to green shopping.

Used for: Finding Sustainable Seafood

Cost: Free

Mobile Platform: iPhone and iPod Touch, or go to mobile.seafooodwatch.org

With the world's oceans so severely overfished, your seafood choices can make a big difference. Seafood Watch helps you make sustainable seafood choices quick and easily – whether it's at your local grocery store or out at your favorite restaurant.  The app uses GPS and creates regional guides to highlight what seafood is best in your area of the country.

Used for: Finding Specific Green Products

Cost: Free

Mobile Platform: iPhone, iPod Touch, or via text messages through any carrier

The GoodGuide app helps you find sustainable products, while you shop. You just scan the barcode of the product, and immediately you will see a detailed rating for health, environment, and social responsibility of that product. This app can be used for more than 50,000 products and companies, and works with products ranging from household chemicals to various food products. With the text messaging version of GoodGuide, simply text "41411," begin your text with "gguide," and then add whatever the product is that you're searching for afterwards (e.g., "gguide fage greek yogurt"), or even enter in the barcode of the product if you have it (e.g., "gguide 28016167").

Used for: Locating Recycling Centers

Cost: Free

Mobile Platform: iPhone and iPod Touch

iRecycle makes it easy to find recycling locations anywhere in the U.S. Their database includes over 110,000 recycling and disposable locations, for over 240 materials. You can a find place to drop off your old cell phone, water bottle, motor oil, etc., etc, and get directions how to get there from your current location. In addition, it lets you know if they accept any other recyclable items/materials.

Whether you're juggling toddlers, board room presentations, or both, take advantage of these apps to make Going Green just that must easier in 2010.  Have any favorite Green apps that were left off the list?

Written by Lindsey Toth, with assistance from Kate Geagan