On The Dr. Oz Show: Fat Fighting Foods


avocados and orangesFat fighting foods. I had a ball a few weeks ago chatting with audience members at The Dr. Oz Show about some of my favorite foods and nutrients that may give you an extra edge when it comes to fighting fat (especially visceral fat, the sort that’s most hazardous to your health).  One thing’s for sure, it’s a topic that gets people paying attention: on the flight there, people perked up when I mentioned fat loss. On the flight home, people wanted to know when the segment was set to air.


So I wanted to share them here with you: You can read about my top 3 Dynamic Duos for fat loss in my latest blog post on The Oz Blog - Fight Fat Faster: 3 Dynamic Duos & Recipes,. Or get the live scoop from the television segment: Power Pairs to Melt Fat Faster.


What are some your favorite fat busting foods? I'd love to hear!

Fight Fat Faster: 3 Dynamic Duos & Recipes Can certain foods give you an edge in the battle of the bulge? The answer appears to be yes.

When it comes to whittling your waistline, research suggests that there may indeed be certain foods and nutrients that can help you lose more weight – or shed more belly fat – than simply cutting calories. Given that belly fat is one of America’s most common complaints, is hard to lose, and can raise your risk of metabolic syndrome and heart disease, it’s worth a closer look. Here are 3 “dynamic duos” I shared with Dr. Oz that you may want to add to your get-lean routine... [Click here to read more]

Power Pairs to Melt Fat Faster

Kate Geagan on The Dr. Oz Show - Click the video to watch the clip!

Power Pairs to Melt Fat Faster - Kate Geagan on The Dr. Oz Show