On the Dr. Oz Blog: Wet Carbs for Weight Loss


Wet Carbs What happens when the great minds of the nutrition community mingle at the edges of the great minds of the culinary world? Wet Carbs.

Let me explain.

I recently returned from the Culinary Institute of America Greystone in Napa, where I attended "Healthy Kitchens Healthy Lives", a joint conference with the Harvard School of Public Health. The goal of the weekend, according to co-creator (and one of my new idols) Dr. David Eisenberg, is to forge a bold new paradigm for health professionals - one that replaces the prescription pad with the kitchen. And it was here, somewhere between the inspiring collaboration, glorious food, and a few glasses of local wine, that the concept of "wet carbs" was bandied about.

Never heard of "wet carbs"? Think of it as an "ultra carb" of sorts. It's a catchy term that simply refers to whole grains that must first be prepared with water or other liquid before they’re ready for you to eat (such as oatmeal). While you likely already knew that whole grains were good for you, it turns out that focusing on carbs that need to be prepared with liquid (which adds weight and bulk) can speed up your weight loss efforts. I shared my secrets on using wet carbs for weight loss in my latest blog for www.blog.doctoroz.com.

Try This Trick: Wet Carbs for Weight Loss

Okay, so by now we all know that whole grain carbs trump refined carbs for nutrition, weight control, and to reduce our risk of heart disease and diabetes. And that we should be sure to make at least half of our grains that we consume each day whole grains. But are you ready to take your weight loss a step further? If so, “wet carbs” are where it’s at...

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