On the Dr. Oz Blog: 7 Delicious Ways to Switch Up Your Cooking Oils


7 Oils to Try Now As we head indoors with the cooler fall weather, many of us begin to fire up the stove again after a blissful summer at the barbeque.

While you're making this shift, let me ask you a question: when was the last time you shook up the kinds of cooking oils on your shopping list? To roast, saute, stir fry or add flavor or swirl a tasty few drops of at the end of a dish? Most of us succumb to being on autopilot, sticking to the same oils month after month, year after year, and (if we’re really being honest) decade after decade.

While you may have some fabulously healthy staples in your pantry (i.e. extra virgin olive oil, which a landmark study earlier this year found slashed the risk of heart disease risk by a whopping 30%), check out my recent Dr. Oz blog to discover a few deliciously healthy oils you can add to your shopping list to boost flavor and nutrition- I promise they will perk up your pantry and your taste buds.

If you're really adventurous, check out these uber new fun oils to try (including avocado, hemp, red palm and hazelnut oil) by my colleague Matt Kadey at Shape.

Have other oils you want to share with me? Like you, I'm working on settling into a healthy, fresh, yet sane back to school fall routine-and I've love to hear and tips you'd like to share.