On Katie Couric: 3 Superfoods Get A Closer Look


I had the pleasure of stopping by Katie recently to talk with Katie Couric about some of the hottest health trends in the supermarket. In case you're wondering, YES, she was as nice and approachable (and fun!) as you would think she'd be! Like most of us, she had several questions about some of the "super foods" that her friends, or people who work at the Katie Show, have been talking about. So here’s what we tackled:

Kate on Katie Couric

  1. Kombucha: The hype is that this trendy, tangy fermented tea beverage has been sipped for over 2,000 years, but is immensely popular in modern times because it merges many trends that are hot right now:  probiotics, detox, and ancient Asian remedies. Kombucha devotees claim a wide range of benefits, from probiotics, enhanced immunity and energy, improved digestion and liver function, lower cholesterol and cancer fighting potential. But so far the science lags a bit behind…so is it worth the hefty price tag?
  2. Tart Cherry Juice: Does tart cherry juice act as a powerful natural anti-inflammatory, one that can even rival over the counter pain relievers in relieving aches and pains? That's what Katie had heard, and wanted to know if it was true.
  3. Hemp: The buzz is that hemp seeds are a superfood that pack powerful nutrition and unique health benefits. 

Is there any truth to these trends?  Click the link to check it out yourself or click here to visit the article I wrote for Katie's website to dig a bit deeper.

Kate Geagan covers Supermarket Trends with Katie Couric