On the Dr. Oz Blog: Healthy Holiday Baking Tips


No sooner had the last vestige of the Halloween candy left our house when my kids turned their sites on the holidays ahead. This weekend my daughter pulled out a calendar and wrung a firm commitment from me on exactly when we'd be baking Thanksgiving pies + Christmas cookie, as well as precisely what kinds of holiday goodness we’d be whipping up, baking and frosting. As a mom, I loved it-after all, I adore baking and I believe in using in real sugar when I do. Still, by the conversation’s end I could almost feel the surge of a sugar headache, and I think my pancreas went into a bit of a preemptive strike.

With that in mind, here are  3 topics I recently blogged about on the Dr. Oz Blog to provide you with healthy holiday baking tips: I’ve shared some straight talk on how to decipher the sticky business of “sugar free” labels (it’s not as easy as one would think), 4 incredibly delicious and healthy flours to add to your holiday pantry now, as well as the latest research around artificial sweeteners-which offers yet another reason why you shouldn’t reach for them in any form no matter what time of year it is.

On the Dr. Oz Blog: Healthy Holiday Baking Tips



4 New Flours to Add To Your Pantry Now




The Sticky Business of Deciphering "Sugar-Free" Labels




How Artificial Sweeteners Mess With Your Microbiome


What are your favorite holiday treats that are made from clean ingredients and minimally processed whole foods? I’d love to hear from you!