On MindBodyGreen: Nutrition Lessons from Italians

MindBodyGreen Nutrition Lessons from Italians When I was 22 I bought a one-way ticket to Italy. For one year, I worked in Florence as an assistant to the amazing Judy Witts at Divina Cucina. Not only was it the beginning of a long, deep, rich love affair with Italian ingredients and techniques in the kitchen, but it formed my touchstone for how I believe one should value food - in life and in the world. In the New Year, the new currency of food is about Values. Both consumers and some visionary companies are rewriting the values formula of our food system. The Italians, of course, have long held their food unapologetically to a higher standard than we have. There's no elitism or snobbery around it, rather a different vision - shared by seemingly everyone in that boot shaped paradise - all around what matters most. I distilled what I believe are the top four nutrition lessons from Italians - those that still drive my thinking and my messages today with MindBodyGreen.

And, I fished this photo out of a photo box (remember those?) from the very first day I spent in Florence over 20 years ago.

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