On MindBodyGreen: Kid Friendly Snacks That Take 5 Minutes to Make

When summer produce hits its stride - as it’s doing right now, you can let Mother Nature do most of the work when it comes to prepping kid friendly snacks - which certainly does makes the living (or at least, the feeding) easy.

I was asked to share 6 of my favorite kid friendly summer snacks with my friends at MindBodyGreen. To make the cut, they had to be tasty bites filled with kid-appeal that help me get out of the kitchen faster - in less than 5 minutes in fact. Not to mention, stretch my kids' culinary wings with every delicious bite.

You can check out my full list here on MindBodyGreen. And, here is a 7th to add to the list.

7. “Root to Tip” Carrots + Dip

On Earth Day, I was treated to this uber-simple and sustainable appetizer at Dan Barber’s renown NYCeatery Blue Hill Farm. It was simple - a small bunch of baby golden-hued organic carrots, placed on a platter with their bright, tender greens still intact. We each took one and nibbled from root to stem. It was like two snack sensations in one - earthy, sweet carrot followed by refreshing, crunchy green.


With a bright, herby taste akin to parsley, carrot tops are a fun and nourishing way for kids to eat their greens for a snack. That's right - don't worry removing the greens or peeling the carrots and you can increase nutritional value and save time. (And yes, you can eat them safely.) Just remember to choose organic and serve washed. To add some more flavor and fun for kids - serve fresh carrots with a small bowl of EVOO balsamic vinaigrette (just mix olive oil, balsamic + a few spices) or hummus for dipping.