Why I Joined the True Health Initiative


Log onto your device, type in any food or nutrition topic you’re curious about, and voila: an instant swell of conflicting, confusing, even combative nutrition chatter instantly appears at your fingertips. Don’t like what you see? Swipe it and move on to the next one.

And good science may or may not be anywhere in sight: in today’s digital discussions, a blog citing a blog citing blog citing a blog seems to pass with equal muster as a gold standard, peer reviewed study published in the world’s leading medical journals.

If you’re feeling frustrated with this multitude of competing voices with competing agendas telling you how to eat, you’re not alone. While our digital connectedness has unleashed truly incredible innovations that are changing the way we eat for the better, unfortunately it’s also serving up a sea of confusion that has sounded the alarm among a growing number of health professionals.  

Think No Two Health Experts Agree? Think Again

To be sure, there is a need for reasoned, respectful debate on areas of nutrition science where there’s disagreement among leading experts in their fields.  And we continue to refine and hone our thinking as the body of evidence evolves. But a simple, powerful truth that is getting lost in the growing array of food fights is this:

When it comes healthy, vibrant, delicious, sustainable eating, there’s a vast expanse of common ground where the world’s best nutrition minds agree. We actually already know how to prevent an astounding 80% of chronic disease and disability - results far more powerful than any drug on the market.

One Voice  Above the Confusion:  The True Health Initiative

To spread this message of consensus -and to launch a global movement around the fundamentals of healthy living-is the bold vision of the recently formed True Health Initiative.  The True Health Initiative unifies the voice of hundreds of leading health experts from around the world  (including Dr. David Katz, Dan Buettner, Deepak Chopra, Andrew Weil and others) around six key principles. These 6 specific points of action are time honored, evidence based, incredibly simple, and have extraordinary potential to transform our health. A true signal in a sea of noise.

I am honored and humbled to be serving on the Council of Directors.

Nutrition That Really Works: What to Eat NOW

As part of this bold vision, last week a group of the globe’s leading nutrition and food systems experts met in Boston at a conference hosted by Oldways, and reached consensus on 11 common ground pointsof healthy eating.  If you want to zero in on the most powerful places where you can vastly change your health destiny (and our planet’s future) for the better, start with this list.

Help Us Build It

So let’s continue to move our field forward with passion and purpose, but let’s also agree where we agree we agree.  And if you want to be part of the solution to the confusion,  I hope you’ll join us.