What is Regenerative Agriculture?


 And, What Does it Mean for Eaters?

My latest article in Clean Magazine is on shelves (and online) now!

In it, I tackle a term that is just starting to go mainstream - regenerative agriculture.  Good food pioneers are rapidly pivoting to this more holistic, regenerative farming method which focuses on the importance of building healthy, resilient soil as a touchstone for better food, better farms, and a better world. (The Rodale Institute offers a helpful primer on the research here. ) 

But, what does soil health mean exactly for you, the eater? The evidence is in early stages, but research continues to illuminate how our gut health (and our overall resilience against allergies and illness) is directly impacted by the quality of the foods we eat. And the quality of the food we eat links back to the on-farm conditions: from the soil all the way up to the milking barn.

It's this connection that eaters can often overlook, which is why I tackle this emerging topic with Clean Eating Magazine, in my most recent article, Regenerative Agriculture: The Hidden Hero of Modern Farming .


Here is a sneak peek of what I shared!  (Hint: it all goes back to the farm.)

4 Ways to Boost Your Gut’s Resilience

  1. Invest in Farm-Fresh Ingredients - to optimize the healthy soil- healthy farms- healthy YOU circle.

  2. Leave the Leaves and Skin On - when possible:  it’s “gut food”.

  3. Included Fermented Foods Daily - to help healthy gut bacteria flourish.

  4. Give Back - step onto a farm, volunteer at your CSA, or compost your scraps: step back into Nature as often as you can.





Regenerative Agriculture in the Marketplace

Food pioneers like EPIC and Back to the Roots are creating a whole new category of regenerative food products that deliver a cleaner product (in terms of ingredient lists and farming practices), as well as a greener footprint. The biodynamic certification is another breakthrough trend of 2017, which lets eaters connect with producers who are committed to following a set of regenerative on farm practices.

I also saw this topic presented by food industry innovators at several events I was honored to be a part of this fall, including:
New Hope Media's Influencer Summit
Expo East
Esca Bona

 We are just beginning to see the rise of regenerative agriculture. To learn more about it, grab a copy on your local newsstand or read the article over at Cleaneatingmag.com for a deep dive into the why and how.