Holiday Leftover Tips: 10 Ideas to Reduce Food Waste

Food waste has been one of the hottest topics of 2017. And it's hight time-as Americans toss roughly 40% of its food before it's eaten. (Psst that's like dropping 1 out of 3 grocery bags in the parking lot on your way out of the supermarket ...and just keep walking!). To make things tricker, the biggest culprits are very the foods that we nutritionists encourage you to shop for in abundance, and eat more of: fruits and veggies. 

How can you make it a zero-waste holiday in your own kitchen and savor every bite? 

I recently shared my favorite top holiday leftover tips with Clean Eating Magazine. To learn how to reduce food waste at your house this holiday season, check out my article, How to Make it a Zero Waste Holiday, at for the full scoop!

With just a bit of planning, holiday leftovers can help you save money, reduce your impact on our planet's resources, preserve our landfills for something other than perfectly good food (according to the EPA, 95% of tossed food heads to landfills), and let you enjoy every delicious morsel of the season.  Here is a sneak peek of some of the tips I shared:


10 Ideas to Reduce Food Waste

  1. Shop and plan for proper portions— pulling recipes from different sites (like I always do?) Do a quick check to make sure you estimate how much you will actually need based on the recipe and the number of guests.

  2. Create a “zero-waste” fridge—  Place your most perishable holiday ingredients up front and center so you can see 'em'...and use 'em all up. (Think buttermilk or baby lettuces)

  3. Invite guests to bring a container for leftovers— Easier clean up! And, guests leave with a bit of your holiday goodness to go, all while you help cut down on food waste. What's not to love? 

These are just a few of the tips I shared. You can find some other really good holiday leftover ideas here. What other tips and tricks do you find a lifesaver in your kitchen during the holidays? I'd love to hear.