The GoClean45 Challenge: Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution With Me!


The GoClean45 Challenge

Ready to make 2018 your year to take charge of your health? If past year’s New Year’s resolutions haven’t turned into real solutions that work for your busy life, this year is going to be different. That's because this year, I teamed up with health and happiness expert, Gillian Mandrich to create a revolutionary program with you in mind — The GoClean45 Challenge.


Are You Ready to Love the Skin You're In?

Most of my posts are about how to create better food system-one that's healthier, more resilient, and works for all eaters.  And what excites me so much is that the GoClean 45 Transformation actually brings all of those ideas and to life and more.

What can you expect? Six 6 energizing weeks of delicious, easy-to-prepare clean recipes, plus daily movement and mindfulness that will help you step into your highest level of health and happiness in 2018. You'll also have access to our private Facebook group —an amazing online community of supportive encouragement with people who are all sharing the same journey as you. The best part? Gillian and I will be coaching you every step of the way, helping you transform your intentions into reality: that’s right — via daily emails, easy-how to videos, our virtual "office hours" and more, all designed to bring you the results you crave. (I hope you'll check out he testimonials below of others who have successfully completed the challenge.


Here's What You Can Expect During the GoClean45 Challenge:

  • A downloadable nutritionist-led action plan

  • A downloadable food & health journal to track your success

  • Weekly videos from our coaches to educate, inspire and share health & cooking tips

  • 6 weeks of customizable meal plans + detailed shopping lists

  • An e-cookbook filled with clean, balanced breakfast, lunch, dinner & snack recipes

  • Weekly exercise guides for the home or gym including yoga & bodyweight exercises

  • Guided practices to boost optimism, gratitude & overall mood

  • Access to a private Facebook group for community support




Are You Ready to Start 2018 With Us?

We are all starting together! Will you join us? The GoClean45 Challenge begins Thursday, December 28, 2017. (But, you can join in any time in January 2018). 

AND, I created a Special Discount Coupon just for YOU: Enter KGEAGAN20 before you add the GoClean45 Challenge to your Cart to save $20 on your investment.


What People Are Saying About The GoClean45 Challenge

Hear about what others who have already completed the GoClean45 Challenge are saying:

"Finding this program was a godsend.  After five weeks, I could wear jeans I haven't been able to wear in two years!"
" This was life changing for me even at 62. I will use everything going forward that I learned."
"Final result was down 21 pounds in 45 days. I feel amazing. I really lost it around week 3 to 4 in terms of following the meal plan and keeping up, but I continued to eat clean and although I allowed myself some indulgences for Thanksgiving, I am right back on it this morning. Thanks to all of you for your support and encouragement through this journey. I'm going to miss this!!!"

Wishing you all good things for a healthy + amazing 2018.