8 Green Picks to Refresh Your Diet This Spring

I am so thrilled to be partnering with Clean Eating Magazine to regularly bring you tips to on how you can step into a cleaner, greener lifestyle with minimal fuss and maximum flavor.

And right now, well...spring has sprung! This month, I share 8 Green Picks to Refresh Your Diet this season. From innovative ways to pack more plant-based nutrition into your diet (bonus: it helps you slim down for summer), to specific foods to add to your Spring Shopping List - all of these picks help renew our planet and create a healthier food system. Also on the list is a surprisingly easy tip to tackle food waste (one of the biggest culprits) from your produce bin, as well as some next-generation, exciting new foods hitting shelves now. (Insects, anyone?).

You can check it all out in the latest Clean Eating Magazine on newsstands. Here is a quick primer to get your started: 

8 Green Picks to Refresh Your Diet

  1. Grow Your Own Herbs - One pot, zero plastic. 
  2. Add Fair Trade Flair to Your Spice Pantry - Spices for health and flavor, and Fair Trade to help the global ecosystem. 

  3. Shed Pounds with Pulse Protein - Plant protein to benefit the earth's resources, and your waistline. 

  4. Shave Something New Into Your Salads - Use those leftover veggies, don't toss 'em!  

  5. Add Peas and Peanuts to Your List - Plant-based protein for you, nutrients for the farm's soil. 

  6. Toss Rhubarb into Your Smoothie - In-season fruits and veggies to optimize nutrition and slash food miles.

  7. Try Jackfruit or Edible Insects - Bugs are becoming a more mainstream (and sustainable) protein source. Yes, really.

  8. Top Toast with Seasonal Picks - Get local inspiration! Less transportation for those delectable veggies, and more affordable in season nutrition for you and your family.