Join me LIVE 9/20 @ 5:30 PM EST for the Better Protein Summit


Better Protein Summit: What Proteins Should We Be Recommending to Create Better Health for People & Planet?

Wednesday, September 20, 2017 5.30pm EST

Watch the webinar recording here for FREE: The Better Protein Summit Recording

What is the Better Protein Summit?

Protein sits at the white hot center of so many trends today-from health to weight control, from food tribes to sustainability. And it’s driving an incredible shift that’s reshaping shopping carts across the US. But what is better protein? How much do we need? How often? And how can we use the science to help eaters get better protein deliciously?

Join award-winning nutrition experts Ashley Koff RD and Kate Geagan RD for The Better Protein Summit:  a 90 minute webinar that will inform, inspire and invite YOU to be part of the better protein conversation- and to make it easier for you to help patients, the public, practitioners, the media, companies and policy makers make better protein choices more often. During this webinar, we’ll cover protein quality, sustainability, access, processing, dietary recommendations and innovative global trends. 


Who Should Join the Better Protein Summit?

Participants will receive access to patient-ready recipes, The Better Protein Summit presentation, resources and contacts for companies committed to better protein choices today and tomorrow. Who should register? Dietitians, nutritionists, health coaches, fitness professionals, educators, and better health enthusiasts looking for the latest evidence coupled with leading edge thinking. Registration is required to receive the slides, resources, to participate in the robust Q+A and for those that attend live you are elligible for 1.5 CEUs (we will provide a certificate upon completion and request).

However, you do not need to attend live, we understand that things come up and we will make this webinar available ongoing as a resource for you at your better time. REGISTER HERE


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