9 Easy Ways to Eat More Sustainably This Spring

Spring Has Sprung!

As we shake off those winter doldrums, it just feels good to embrace the new, right?  Such as getting a new plant-based dinner recipe  down pat, so it feels like a snap but tastes like a splurge. Or loading up on all that freshly arrived, in-season produce that's proven to help you live and eat better (artichokes and asparagus....I'm looking at you!).

As you set your intentions to eat cleaner and greener this spring take inspiration: truly, we live in a Golden Age of Green Eating. From clean, super tasty fish dishes that are sustainably sourced, to consciously crafted coconut creamers that deliver creamy bliss into your morning routine, never have there been so many easy ways to enjoy good food while also doing good in the world. I recently shared some of my very favorite trends and how to try them in my column, 9 Ways to Eat More Sustainably with Clean Eating Magazine. I hope they spark fresh inspiration as you freshen up your food routine this spring.


Top 9 Sustainable Food Tips

Here I share 3 of my top 9 tips, so be sure to head over to Cleaneatingmag.com for the complete list.


1. Add Sea Greens to Your Shopping List. 


I am loving this trend! Move over kale, sea greens are poised to be the next must-have green. They are popping up in everything from pestos to powders (delicious for sprinkling on popcorn). While sea greens may feel like a dietary stretch for some, this nutrient-rich, super versatile green is helping preserve marine-based food economies. Try kelp, dulse or nori to start.

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2. Say Hello to Hemp!

Looking for a new source of plant-based protein? Look no further than one of my favorites, hemp seeds! You may be seeing them more often, and there is good reason. Add just two tablespoons to your morning yogurt to pack in 10 grams of healthy protein. Plus, this super seed is a bioavailable source of omega-3 fatty acids and gamma linolenic acid (GLA), a beneficial omega-6 fatty acid, which are powerful anti-inflammatories in the body. 

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3. Embrace the Regenerative-Meat Revolution. 

If you do eat meat, enjoying smaller portions of sustainably sourced products less often is one of the most important steps you can take to move to a leaner and greener diet. 100% grass-fed, organic and biodynamic beef and bison have been shown to have more favorable fat profiles, emit fewer carbon emissions, and can actually help remove carbon from the atmosphere. 

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Ready for the very latest? In March 2018 the world's first Regenerative Grazing certification, "Land to Market" was launched. How is it different? It's the first certification that isn't just based on on-farm methods and practices (which is what usually happens), but on outcomes achieved. Look for it on the meat products you buy.


You can check out my full column (and lots more of my favorite tips) at CleanEatingMag.com