Clean Eating Mag: 3 Eco Heroes Shaping What's Next

Ready to be inspired to make a positive environmental impact this year? 

In my most recent collaboration with Clean Eating Magazine, I shared 3 inspiring change makers of the good food movement who are leading the charge to build a more sustainable future with their businesses.

There’s no turning back. It’s up to us to create something better.
— Kerry Diamond, Smith Canteen in Brooklyn


The truth is that changing habits and paving the road to revolution is not easy. But, these three amazing women aren’t taking no for an answer, and are creating real, positive change for all of us. Ready to meet them?

  1. Kerry Diamond, Co-owner of Smith Canteen in Brooklyn New York.
    Kerry’s mission is to create one of the world’s greenest coffee shops.  Her solution is to help coffee drinkers develop a new habit: bring your own reusable coffee cup. And, she believes that just like people now remember to bring their reusable shopping bag, they’ll do the same for coffee, especially for their daily caffeine fix.

  2. Sarah Kaeck, Founder of Bee’s Wrap in Bristol, Vermont.
    Sarah’s goal was to eliminate the use of plastic in household kitchen, while not forgoing modern conveniences and the necessity to keep our food fresh! Her solution: Bee’s Wrap which is a reusable and compostable alternative to plastic wrap made from organic cotton, jojoba oil, tree resin, and you guessed it… beeswax!

  3. Daniela Ibarra-Howell, Co-founder and CEO of the Savory Institute in Boulder, Colorado.
    Daniela saw a problem, a big problem: 70% of our country’s grasslands are becoming degraded from industrial agriculture and pollution. Knowing how important our land is to feed the world and keep us healthy, she knew that regenerative agriculture was a promising solution. So, she developed the seal, Land to Market which is way for consumers to feel confident that the food they buy was grown in the best way to care for our lands (and future).

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