3 Secrets for Optimal Energy: My Event With CLIF Bar

3 Secrets for Optimal Energy:  My Event With CLIF Bar

We all know from experience that optimal energy is the vital juice that helps us feel supercharged to perform our best during athletic adventure, and even just to take on our day. In the business world a sense of abundant, high quality energy can actually be a competitive advantage, as so many of us struggle with feeling flat, foggy and fatigued. (3pm slump, anyone?) Yet while many people commonly confuse "stimulation" (think caffeine or energy drinks) with energy, they could not be more different.

I just got back from the Registered Dietitian Retreat in Napa, where I was honored to host a forum about "How to Eat for Optimal Energy" with my partners at CLIF Bar. We explored 3 essential ideas that help create optimal energy. (With full disclosure, CLIF Bar is a client of mine). The event was hosted for some of the country's top dietitians. And, the setting? The incredibly gorgeous CLIF Family Organic Farm at CLIFs Regis.

I would love to share with you what we explored.

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