Nutrition opportunities today extend far beyond the next superfood.

Sure, superfoods are awesome. But breakthrough brands today understand the biggest opportunities in the grocery store lie in creating something more. More transparency. More giving back along the way. More ground-breaking innovation to solve some of our most pressing challenges. And a more authentic connection with eaters based on integrity and trust.

Kate's thoughtful approach and unique vantage point come from nearly 2 decades of experience as one of the country's top registered dietitians. She brings proven communications know-how, a deep understanding of consumer behavior, food trends and breakthrough innovations, as well as broad cross-category experience. And it's why she is sought out time and again by today's top food leaders and changemaking organizations.

I help my clients:

  • gain a fresh perspective on from outside their four-walls.
  • identify opportunities to tell their best nutrition or health story... and transform it into new-to-the world communications that spark engagement and set them apart in a noisy marketplace.
  • bring stakeholders up to speed on the leading nutrition breakthroughs, and see where they map with consumer behavior or food trend opportunities.
  • lead in the marketplace through ground-breaking product innovation and ideation, helping teams craft the next generation of good foods with amazing ingredients.
  • problem solve.
  • build authentic awareness at retail, online and with influencers with exceptional nutrition messages that break through the clutter, move your vision forward, and make a difference.
  • communicate with confidence to health professionals, influencers, retailers, consumers, or the media.
  • create buzz-worthy recipes and kitchen videos that make health happen.

Nutrition basics? You bet. I also have a passion for partnering with healthy living brands and organizations focused on enhancing the availability of nourishing, wholesome, plant-based or organic options, commodities supported by growers and farmers, regenerative agriculture, responsible sourcing and sustainable seafood.

Specific examples of client work available upon request.

“Kate has a rare combination of deep nutrition expertise, a passion for sustainability and the ability to communicate complex topics. Her friendly and informed approach attracts people to her message- a true feat in a world that is increasingly more noisy and polarized on food issues.”

-Keely Wachs, Director, Communications, CLIF Bar & Company