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These Are the Biggest Fitness Trends of 2019
We asked some of most prominent experts what to expect in the coming year


Here's What Dietitians Actually Eat for Dessert
It sure might seem like dietitians and nutritionists have never taken a bite of pie or enjoyed a slice of pumpkin bread in their lives...


Controversial Vegan Startup Finally Brings Signature Product To Market
Controversial vegan startup JUST (formerly Hampton Creek) is in the news again, this time for a good reason. After many years of talk and hype, their signature product is finally on the market.


Travel snacks, as picked by nutritionists
Traveling can wreak havoc on our diets, but packing a nutritious snack or meal before heading out the door can get us started on the right healthy eating track.


Lower-Sugar Drink Coming to Happy Meals
McDonald's will offer organic juice with kids' meals. Is this good news?

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Here Are the 50 Best Healthy-Eating Tips of All Time
Nutrition experts share their best tips to help you live longer, feel better, and shed those extra pounds.

A user’s guide to buying seafood
Seafood is one of the least-consumed protein sources in the United States, which is odd because it’s readily available, quick to cook and very nutritious. So, I wondered, what’s getting in the way of us enjoying seafood...

Go flexitarian: A three-week plan to eat less meat
Cutting down on animal protein does more than slash calories -- it lowers your cholesterol and blood pressure, as well as your risks of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer... 

The 9 Most Delicious Foods That Are In Season Right Now
These cold-weather foods are full of flavor—and good for your health

Why Your Little One Should Eat Organic … We Asked an Expert
It seems like just when you get the hang of breast or bottle-feeding, it’s time for your kiddo to start solids.

Get to Know Kate Geagan
America's Green Nutritionist on Sustainability Basics, Myths and Business

Superfoods for superwomen
You love to eat, but you also love to feel great. You can do both if you choose foods that make you smarter, leaner, stronger—and then use them in tasty new ways.

The green diet: how to eat healthy and save the planet
As dieticians increasingly focus on the environment, they’re finding that what’s better for the earth is usually also better for the body


5 Healthy Kid Trends to Try in 2016
Feeding your kids is always a challenge. Feeding them healthy food that’s easy for you to make and fun for them to eat is the Holy Grail of parenting.

For $50 You Can Snack Like Tom Brady
Eating like Tom Brady has suddenly become a little easier. 

Kraft says program to put dietitian group's 'Kids Eat Right' logo on Kraft Singles ending
NEW YORK (AP) — A program to put a dietitian group's "Kids Eat Right" logo on Kraft Singles has reached an early expiration date.

What Nutritionists Eat When They Want to Slim Down
After an indulgent vacay or even a few too many dinners out, your body's probably craving a diet cleanup. 

9 Foods Nutritionists Swear By
Take a cue from the experts and stock up on these items